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A Walk In The Woods - 600ml

A Walk In The Woods - 600ml


Expression: A Walk In The Woods 

Batch: 20009  

ABV: 60%, Non-filtered, Macquarie barley, Cradle Mountain spring water.

Barrel: Sol Lahra – New Oak Heads influenced with a heavy charr

Distillers Note: At 60% ABV This is just for big whisky lovers.



NOSE: Plump stewed raisins, confit plantain sprinkled with demerara sugar & nutmeg, oatty short bread crumble, mountain moss, fresh pine tree sap, champagne cork, candied apricot and maple syrup taffy.


PALATE: Breakfast oats, apricot, licorice and salted caramel ice-cream, new oak resin and banana pancakes.


FINISH: Reminiscent of a walk in the woods with Cradle Mountain pepper berries, moss, hops, pine bark embers and a spray of sea salt.

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