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The Cradle Glass

The Cradle Glass


Designed by whisky makers The Cradle Glass creates the ultimate way to enjoy whisky.


The Cradle Glass is handmade using traditional glass blowing methods to create a unique and quality product. By way of its shape, curves, length and size it directs aroma to the nose to create the perfect whisky experience. The crystal Cradle Glass also comes with new earthy brown packaging.


The perfect gift for whisky nosers, tasters and drinkers.



  • What makes the Cradle Glass whisky unique?

    The Cradle Glass RADIATES, MOVES, AERATES, ACCELERATES, EXPELS, and EMOTES by directing the aroma to the nose by way of its shape, curves, length and size.

    Designed for everyone with a desire to taste or drink whisky, the Cradle Glass boasts a thick, heavy rounded base providing a balanced feel when cradled in the palm of the hand.

    Cradling the glass allows radiant heat from the palm to release the characteristic aromas of the whisky.

    The round base produces a 'rocking glass' effect which creates continuous movement within the glass. This movement aerates the whisky and pushes the flavours towards the top of the glass so they don't sit flat on the bottom of the glass.

    The neck and the accentuated glass lip accelerate the outward push of the alcohol vapours expelling alcohol fumes. This allows you to fully experience the organic phenols and the complex characteristic aroma of the whisky upon nosing, without the overpowering alcohol burn to your nostrils.

    We believe the Cradle Glass is the best whisky glass in the world. We hope you feel the same.

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